Interesting Facts: Pacific Highway

Some interesting facts on the NSW Pacific Highway...

Interesting Facts: Pacific Highway

Well, it’s December again and that means the countdown for many Australian families is on to their big annual road trip.

For many Australian’s, especially those on the East Coast, that means a trip along the Pacific Highway.

Cutting its way through some of the most beautiful scenery Australia has to offer, the Pacific Highway brings up images of caravans, motels, hot weather and then a cooling dip at any number of rivers and beaches along the way.

To honor this legendary piece of Australian road infrastructure, we thought we would present…

Interesting Facts about the Pacific Highway:

  • The Pacific Highway actually begins on the Northern Side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
  • Beyond the M1 Motorway (formally the F3, or Sydney-Newcastle Expressway), the highway then stretches for 790km from Hexham (near Newcastle) to the Queensland border.
  • Hexham and the Queensland border only became linked by continuous road in 1909.
  • On the Queensland-side of the border the road becomes the ‘Pacific Motorway’.
  • Over 400 people died on the Pacific Hwy in road accidents between 1995 and 2009.
  • The final ferry crossing between Hexham and the border was bypassed by a bridge over the Clarence River in 1966.
  • A number of the iconic bridges built along the Pacific Highway were completed during the depression.
  • The Pacific Highway/Motorway handles more than 3,600 heavy vehicle movements each day.
  • As of October 2016, up to 88% of the huge Pacific Hwy duplication program between Hexham and the QLD border was completed or under construction.
  • The Federal and New South Wales Governments have promised to have the duplication works complete by 2020.

Know any other interesting facts about the Pacific Highway that you would like to share? Or, any holiday memories from along this iconic stretch of road?

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