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Insurer launches Driver Distraction action

Insurer launches Driver Distraction action

AAMI want to know why we aren’t getting the message

Despite the fines and penalties and the warnings and reminders Australian motorists just don’t seem to be getting the message on driver distraction.

Now AAMI has vowed to commit research funding to try and work out how and why we are being distracted when behind the wheel and just as importantly try and find solutions to the problem.

AAMI spokesperson Reuben Aitchison has told behindthewheel.com.au that the driver distraction problem is growing as more technology comes into our lives and our cars.

“More than half of young Aussie drivers have sent or read a text message while driving and more than a quarter have read emails or surfed the Internet while driving.

“The latest trend is young drivers taking short videos and uploading them while driving. And it has to stop.

“So much has been done to reduce the number of young drivers dying on our roads in past years and we cannot let this growing threat undo all that good work.

“In particular, we are keen to understand the psychology behind the creation of a social stigma, something we believe is necessary in reducing technology distraction, particularly in younger drivers.”

Good work AAMI!

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