Increase in car owner battery frustrations/failures

Increase in car owner battery frustrations/failures

A look at why more people are reporting car battery issues…

There’s no doubt we have loaded our modern cars with a whole array of electronic gadgetry.

Systems for both convenience and safety functions require an electrical feed and this is being blamed for contributing to an increased number of modern car owners reporting faults with their car battery.

The most recent JD Power Reliability Study, which reports the issues that new car buyers have had with their cars, found nearly half (44%), reported a recent battery failure.

While batteries were found to now be the most frequently replaced component not related to normal wear and tear in three-year-old vehicles.

What’s causing the issues?

Automobile technician, Bob Weber, was asked about this by and he says not only is it the extra electrical gear that is causing the issues, but also proximity key systems.

“This can drain a car battery’s charge at an accelerated rate when the activating key fob is kept within proximity, or is left inside of, a vehicle.

“Under such circumstances, the transmitter and receiver continue to communicate with the vehicle; ironically, this will tend to more quickly deplete the car’s battery than the tiny one that’s inside the key fob.”

Bob says another issue putting a drain on your battery include communications telemetry systems that do updates and maintenance when your car is switched off.

While he says many people simply aren’t driving their cars far enough to adequately recharge their battery.

Have you had battery issues with your modern car? We’d love to know about it in the comments section below.

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