Honda CR-Z gets supercharger option

Honda CR-Z gets supercharger option

US buyers offered optional supercharger upgrade.

Honda CR-Z gets supercharger option
The supercharger takes the CR-Z’s 100kW output up to 145kW!

Few cars have divided opinions like the Honda CR-Z. The tiny, two-door hybrid model was meant to bring back memories of the much loved Honda CRX. It even won a major Australian car of the year award!

But, this is a model that has some serious shortcomings – namely the hybrid drivetrain. As I noted in my review here, the CR-Z’s disappointing 100kW and 172Nm outputs and ridiculously restrictive price tag make it hard to love.

Now, in an effort to satisfy buyers in the US, the Detroit Bureau reports that the Japanese maker plans to turn to its performance division – HPD, to breathe some life into the model.

HPD has developed a dealer-installed supercharger package that will deliver a more than 50% boost to the CR-Z, at a US $5,495 premium! The package includes an air-to-air intercooler, high-flow fuel injectors and a new air filter system.

The kit also offers beefed-up suspension for the Honda hatch.

The HPD kit is unlikely to be offered in Australia, and based on conversion rates and the CR-Z’s approximately $40,000 Australian price tag – I couldn’t see too many people signing up for one even if it was!

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