Hitch’s Pedal Car Memories

Hitch's Pedal Car Memories

Pedal cars have come a long way since I had one as a child…

Back then, a rusty metal model was my pride and joy. It was red in colour with a few stripes added, freehand and in crayon, to make it go faster.

Actually it was about as sophisticated as a foot powered Flintstonesmobile!

Never the less I loved it and played in it all the time!

These days there are up-market pedal cars aplenty for kids to nag their parents about – we all know the power of nag-power – and of course it allows car manufacturers to start attracting potential buyers to the brand early on.

They are elaborate and alluring, but I wonder whether they are any more enjoyable for children of today to play with than my humble little model was, all those years ago.

Hitch's Pedal Car Memories
This stunning pedal car is on display at Audi HQ.

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