Gator Tyre Pressure Monitor Review

Gator Tyre Pressure Monitor Review

Joel Helmes reviews a new tyre pressure monitoring system.

Gator Tyre Pressure Monitor Review
Gator Tyre Pressure Monitor Review.

For years the car manufacturers tried to work out a way of offering real-time tyre pressure monitoring inside the cabin.

The problem is that the wheel turns and that makes it pretty hard to run a wire to a sensor! But, today with wireless technology, that problem has been overcome.

Some manufacturers now feature these systems in their cars, but for the bulk of car owners an after-market system is required. Enter this very impressive system – the Gator Tyre Pressure Monitor.

Giving real-time air pressure and tyre temperature info, as well as alarm warnings for a tyre leak, low pressure and high temperatures, this is an easy to fit and easy to use system.

Gator Tyre Pressure Monitor Review
You simply remove your dust caps, place nut on valve and screw on and tighten the correct sensor for the wheel (outlined in instructions).

Summing it up: With easy installation and a user-friendly in-car interface the Gator Tyre Pressure Monitoring System is a very handy feature to have.

The only slight downside is that if you do need to top your tyres up then you need to use the spanner and actually remove the sensor – thus making a top-up a little more involved than normal.

Other than that the unit helps you make sure you have the correct pressures all the time and this can be a huge advantage when it comes to fuel consumption and tyre life.

Gator Tyre Pressure Monitor Review
The Gator Tyre Pressure Monitor even gives you real-time tyre temperature info!

The Gator Tyre Pressure Monitor has a RRP of $199.00 and is available from Autobarn, Autopro, Car Audio Masters and independent car audio retailers.

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