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Gator DVR 480P Car Camcorder Review

Gator DVR 480P Car Camcorder Review

Simon Lai reviews a budget-priced Gator in-car cam.

Gator DVR 480P Car Camcorder Review
Gator DVR 480P Car Camcorder Review.

The final Gator in-car dash cam we’re looking at is the DVR 480P Car Camcorder.

This camera looks nothing like its brothers with a horizontal configuration. The lens can swivel independently up and down and the screen can flip downwards from the unit and also swivel left and right.

The camera and bracket are relatively inconspicuous until you pop the screen down which does end up blocking more of your view.

The screen itself is quite small and being 640x480P the image quality is not the clearest.

The build quality of the bracket isn’t perfect either. The left to right adjustment can’t be locked into place even with the knob fully tightened. While it was also difficult to properly tighten the camera onto the bracket itself.

As with the higher-spec models, the unit comes with a 4GB micro USB card for data storage, motion detection and starts recording the moment you turn it on. They also have a built-in mic so don’t forget, it won’t only pick up the sound of a collision but your conversations and bad singing too.

Despite its faults, the 480P version is a decent option that will get the job done without blowing the budget.

Gator DVR 480P Car Camcorder Review
Gator DVR 480P Car Camcorder Review.

The Gator DVR 480P Car Camcorder [HDDVR186] retails for $99.00 and is available from Autobarn, Autopro, Supercheap Auto, Repco, Car Audio Maters and independent car retailers.

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