Ford says car colour choice based on feelings

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Ford Escape buyers going grey

Well, not their necessarily their hair, but Australian buyers of the Ford Escape are most often opting for a dark metallic grey paint colour (known as ‘Magnetic’) on their new SUV.

Why? Well Ford Australia reckons it’s because there’s a lot more to car colour choice than you might have thought.

As we know, cars are often described as an extension of our personalities, and the colour paint we choose for our cars is now being described as a “barometer into how we feel”.

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Emily Lai is the Design Manager, Colour and Materials Design, at Ford, she believes the colour choice we make doesn’t just reflect our personality, but also acts as a reflection of what’s going on around us and in our lives.

“If you’re amongst a lot of pressure and stress for example, it will affect your choices and moods.”

So, is the fact that a dark grey shade is so popular a sign of possible widespread unhappiness? It isn’t, according to Emily.

“It’s popular because it’s a fairly neutral but elegant colour, and with the high metallic mica, it’s like fine jewellery, which is why people buy a metallic colour.

“This is where Australians are enjoying personalisation and are proud of being different.”

The second most popular colour on the Ford offering is white (or Frozen White as it’s official known), followed up by the bright ‘Ruby Red’.

“We don’t usually have a huge take on red on a sedan, for instance, but on an SUV like the Escape, it takes the shape really well and adds a sportiness and athleticism to it,”

“What’s more, it’s not a traditional red, but a beautifully rich, metallic hue with the effect that it really accentuates the surface of the Escape and brings out its lines.”

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And as for future colour trends? Emily says brighter tones are set to be hot property.

“We’re noticing with the younger generation there is a sign of optimism that comes from a faith in technology, and that will bring in a lot brighter colours,”

“There will be bright colours for sportier vehicles, and there will be a trend coming through with accents too, where one or more parts of the car are a different colour.”

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