Zinfra Group Isuzu fleet swells to 400

Utility infrastructure operators say they’d be lost without Isuzu

Zinfra Group Isuzu fleet swells to 400

This is a story all about numbers, try 100 years in business and a fleet of Isuzu’s that is now 400 trucks strong!

Zinfra operates more than $9 billion worth of major utility infrastructure across the East Coast, employs around 1,500 people and uses its fleet of Isuzu vehicles to keep those energy and water transportation assets in top shape.

Greg Bubner, Zinfra Group Commercial Fleet Coordinator, says it goes without saying when you keep coming back to a brand that it is providing great service.

 “We’ve been using Isuzu for over 20 years now.” He said.

“We call open tenders every three years from all Original Equipment Manufacturers, and evaluate all our equipment on a whole-of-life cost basis as well as service and back-up support and Isuzu has been the stand-out each time.”

While the 400 Isuzu’s in the Zinfra fleet, including mostly N-Series and F-Series units, have proven safe and comfortable over the years, according to Greg.

“Big factors for the drivers are reliability, comfort and performance, and the Isuzu’s deliver on all three.

“We’ve had no complaints. The new models are quiet and comfortable, and very car-like to drive.”

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