ZF brings ReAx electronic steering system to market

New electric steering system for trucks launched

zf reax truck steering

We’ve seen a big jump in the number of cars being fitted with electric steering systems over the past decade, now it looks to be trucks that are about to move away from the traditional steering set-up.

ZF has just launched its ReAx Electronic Steering System in the U.S. market and is now talking with truck manufacturers about getting the system added as either optional or standard equipment.

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Shown to the media this week, the system is a development on technology first introduced into the recreational vehicle market in 2006, then later the global coach and bus market.

Now, ZF say their engineers have got the system up to scratch for heavy truck applications.

They say the system can fully integrate with a host of advanced vehicle systems, including camera, radar, adaptive cruise control and autonomous vehicle control systems.

ReAX boosts hydraulic steering pump output based on feedback from sensors that continuously monitor incoming telemetry, including vehicle speed.

That means during low speed manoeuvres the system lightens up steering resistance, but at highway speeds it tightens up steering resistance to give a driver better feel and control in holding a lane.

But it does more than that, including a clever low speed function that sees the steering wheel returned to top dead centre if you take your hands off the wheel.

The ReAx system also helps in windy conditions, adjusting steering settings to help keep the vehicle within its lanes. ZF saying this helps reduce driver fatigue in difficult driving conditions.

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The system even has a lane keep assist function that will hold the correct course for the driver automatically.

We’ll keep you updated with further news on ReAx as it comes to hand.

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