Your Car Reviews: 2014 Holden Cruze

Karen reviews her 2014 Holden Cruze for us.

We bought our 2014 Holden Cruze about 12 months ago for a great price from a family member that had hardly driven it (5,000kms on the meter).

Not only was it seldom driven, it was also serviced regularly and had been stored inside a garage. It still smelt new when we bought it. So being a bargain was the first reason we bought it followed by the fact that we wanted to update.

The Holden Cruze is very tidy and it had all the added extras we wouldn’t usually have had.

The heated leather seats are truly luxurious in winter, I never want to be without them again, however the leather in can be mighty uncomfortable on a hot summer day. Ouch! A towel on the seat is needed on these days.

It doesn’t have a lot of power but we aren’t towing anything and are too old for drag racing anyway. It’s a nice family car that we love. Plenty of room in the boot and fits 3 adults comfortably in the back seat.

Top marks for a small sedan.

Karen, we are so glad to hear that you are really happy with your Holden Cruze, thank you for your review.

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