Your Car Reviews: 2011 Renault Fluence

Melissa reviews her 2011 Renault Fluence for us.

Well I didn’t really choose a Renault, this car kind of chose me. The Fluence was handed down to me by a family member and while I was happy to get a near new car for next to nothing, this is definitely not the car I would have picked!

There’s an engine up front but the feeling is neither zippy or exciting. Fuel economy? Not bad to be honest, I normally have to fill up about once a week.

The interior is umm very ‘French’. While I used to have a Mazda 626 and everything was right where it should be, in the Renault Fluence everything is a bit topsy-turvy and it takes a little time to understand what things do.

This is also the first car I have ever had where you basically control the stereo with a remote control, what the? And no, you don’t get a key, you get a big credit card type thing which takes up heaps of room in your purse!

The boot is big though and there’s plenty of room for the kids in the back.

Overall, as I said, this isn’t the car that I would have purchased, but it has been reliable and (touch wood) never let me down. It’s bland and boring (which is weird as it is from France), but big enough to be an effective kid hauler!

Thanks Melissa, we are glad to hear that you are mostly happy with your Renault. Melissa is in the draw to win our Discovery Turbo Prize Pack and you can join her, simply send your car review to [email protected] or use the Contact page.

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