Your Car Reviews: 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited

Ray reviews his 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited.

This was the first American car I ever purchased and I must admit I probably didn’t do my homework well enough before I purchased my Jeep.

I had driven sedans and hatchbacks mostly through my single years and then I got married.

Deciding that my previous Mitsubishi Lancer just wasn’t up to the job after our first baby came along, and after the purchase of a boat, that had us looking for an SUV.

My wife and I were instantly attracted to the Jeep Grand Cherokee based on the fact that for the money it seemed like it was more reasonably priced than some of its competition. We also thought it wasn’t too big or too small.

We got the V6 petrol version and for about the first year or so nothing happened. After that though we seemed to be getting more letters in the mail from Jeep than the phone company! We have had to return the Grand Cherokee back to our dealership for a number of recalls (five I think).

Other than that, and what seems like a habit of chewing through tyres, the Jeep has been a pretty good purchase.

It uses more fuel than what we had expected and a couple of areas in the interior are starting to look worn-out, especially the door trims and in the boot (prams in and out being the prime suspect). We recently completed a trip from Melbourne to Canberra and it got us there and back no problems.

Next time around I think we will stay with a similar sized vehicle but might opt for a diesel engine. We have three children now and seven seats might be a good idea to.

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