Your Car Reviews: 2006 Honda Integra

Renee reviews her 2006 Honda Integra for us.

Your Car Reviews: 2006 Honda Integra - Renee paid more than $42,000 for her Integra in 2007.

Remember the Honda Integra? You’d be surprised how many people ask me what exactly my car is!

I purchased my car, which was the very last series of the Honda Integra sold in Australia, early in 2007. From memory I paid about $42,000 for the Integra and when I think back about it now I reckon that’s an awful lot of money.

Still, it’s been a good car and I reckon I have gone close to getting good value out of the Honda.

I travel about 10,000 kilometres each year and have always kept it serviced at my local Honda dealership. Nothing too drastic has gone wrong, though I have had to have the clutch replaced (2014) and parts seem more expensive than I would have thought.

The car came standard with a CD stacker but unfortunately it hasn’t worked for a couple of years, though this isn’t really an issue for me. The power windows and mirrors are still working alright and the carpet and leather, despite being ten years old, is still in good shape.

One thing that annoys me a little bit about the Integra is the rear seat space, you basically can’t carry anyone back there and that can be a bit inconvenient.

How long will I keep my Honda? Well at this stage I reckon I’ll hang on to it for another year. I would like to buy another Honda as this one has been so good, but I really don’t feel too enthusiastic about their models today.

I must admit though that I have had my eye on the Lexus RC coupe and could end up going in that direction at some point in the future.

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