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Your Car Reviews: 1985 Ford Falcon XF

Sam reviews his 1985 XF Ford Falcon for us.

Your Car Reviews: 1985 Ford Falcon XF - Sam’s XF Falcon is still going strong!

My Ford Falcon XF might not be the newest and it really doesn’t have any notable features but it has been a pretty good servant over the years.

I have owned my 1985 Ford Falcon XF since about 1990, before it came into my possession it did the rounds as a sales-reps car and had completed about 100,000 kilometres then.

I drove it to work for many years and did more than a few interstate trips in it. In about 2009 I had it converted to LPG and this helps keep the fuel bill down. The 4.1 litre engine is not particularly fast but it gets along well enough for me.

Now that I’m retired people say I should downsize but I reckon it’s a case of the better the devil you know.

Over the years I have had the following issues fixed;

  • Ball joints (a number of times)
  • Automatic transmission overhaul (twice)
  • Air-conditioning compressor
  • Suspension – shocks and springs
  • Engine rebuild (at 240,000km)

Being a mid-1980’s Falcon it has also suffered from droopy door hinges and some rust, I have had these issues taken care of by my local panel beater.

It’s a good old girl and I can’t see myself getting rid of her anytime soon.

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