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Young drivers forget the courtesy wave

Young drivers forget the courtesy wave

Study finds older drivers more likely to acknowledge mistakes.

Sadly not all young drivers are willing to acknowledge when they have made a mistake. (Image courtesy of drive.ca)

A UK study has found younger drivers are much less likely to offer an apology if they make a mistake on the roads.

The annual AXA Motoring Census found drivers aged 34 and under are about half as likely to apologise to fellow motorists compared to older road users.

Despite the younger drivers showing less regard the census found that in all 69% of UK drivers acknowledge mistakes with the most common gesture and apologetic wave of the hand.

Worryingly though the research also highlighted an interesting statistic – 5% of UK drivers never use their indicators, a behaviour that commonly gets up the nose of other road users!

The AXA Motoring Census found these top five common mistakes that irk other motorists the most;

  • Driving over the speed limit in urban areas (33.60%)
  • Failing to indicate at a roundabout (16.40%)
  • Passing through traffic lights when orange or red (13.45%)
  • Failing to indicate in general (12.15%)
  • Using horn out of frustration, rather than for proper warning purposes (11.50%)

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