Yamaha Releases 60th Anniversary Edition SR400

Yamaha’s limited edition 60th anniversary SR400 is set to be the next collectible model released here in Australia.

In celebration of Yamaha’s 60th Anniversary, the Yamaha SR400 is being offered in special yellow livery, but only 10 units have been allocated to Australia.

The SR400 is often forgotten and overlooked by buyers, yet is a favourite with customisers.

The current generation of the bike has been with us since 2014, but its heritage takes us back to the 1970’s - and that includes the kick starter!

The SR400 is a classic model with true retro styling, a light and agile chassis, and is powered by a single cylinder 400cc engine.

The engine is fuel injected, power delivery is smooth and the whole riding experience is relaxed and easy.

Despite the fact it can only be kick started, Yamaha has weaved a little magic technology into the SR400 to make the job a little easier.

Power output is around 17kW and torque is quoted as 27Nm, so the SR400 isn’t the highest performing bike you’ll ever ride.

It does have a noticeable powerband from about 4000 to 7000rpm that adds some excitement to riding the bike, something older riders will remember with a passion. But it’s not performance that you buy this bike for, it’s character.

The current generation SR400 has wire-spoke wheels with inner tubes and a rear drum brake.

The bike appeals to riders looking for a motorcycle with a real heritage and character, and one that can be easily customised.

Many SR400’s have been modified into a café racer, street scrambler or bobber. Yamaha says it is aimed at the many riders who are looking to rediscover the soul of motorcycling.

And the 60th Anniversary treatment makes the bike even more appealing.

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