Wynnum Haulage CAT Trucks fleet swells to four

CAT Trucks prove their worth to Wynnum Haulage

Wynnum Haulage CAT Trucks fleet swells to four

The management of the busy Wynnum Haulage operation in Brisbane say the CAT Trucks in their fleet continue to impress.

The container haulage operation now runs eleven trucks, four of which are from the CAT Trucks stable, and owner/manager Paul Bailey says it’s the CAT product that is proving the most dependable.

“I can count on them. I have not had to touch them, we’ve had good run with them.”

Those four trucks include two CAT CT610s and two CT630s, all four have been added to the Wynnum Haulage fleet in the past two years.

“The C15s are brilliant, the torque is just amazing. When I brought one up from Melbourne as a b-double I put a good load on it and it wanted more!

“No matter what you throw at it, it just gets up and performs. It will pull up the Gateway Bridge in top gear with a heavy load on. Unbelievable.”

And Paul says the CAT Trucks are also proving a great advertisement for the business.

“Over the years I’ve pulled into a lot of customers premises with an old banger leaking oil.

“You go to pull out of the driveway and it’s not a good image mate, especially when they’ve got brand-new concrete and you have to say, ‘Sorry!’.

“You turn up with good gear and the customers like it.”

Sounds like the Wynnum Haulage team will be going back to CAT into the future.

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