February 15, 2020

Workhorse Group reports stunning delivery truck fuel economy

Workhorse Group reports stunning delivery truck fuel economy

Hybrid delivery trucks using less than 10L/100km on stop-and-go deliveries…

The plug-in hybrid delivery trucks/vans being produced by the Workhorse Group in the U.S. are achieving fuel consumption figures up to six times less than equivalent vehicles.

The business, which uses BMW hybrid drive technology in its vehicles (details here), has just reported fuel consumption of better than 30 miles per gallon (just less than 10L/100km) while being used for stop-and-go-deliveries.

That makes the Workhorse Group vehicles up to six times more fuel efficient than typical petrol or diesel-powered medium-duty trucks, according to Steve Burns, Workhorse CEO.

“Fleets today are watching the efficiency of their vehicles very closely,”

“Medium-duty local delivery trucks are the backbone of the Last Mile delivery system and a 6-fold fuel economy increase as well as reduced maintenance and zero or near zero emissions are a major change to the conventional delivery system.”

Check out more details, including on the Workhorse Group’s drone delivery systems, here…

No word yet on Workhorse Group delivery vehicles becoming available in Australia, we will keep you updated.

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