Word of mouth and online reviews the best car dealer advertising

Study finds dealer reviews and word of mouth the key to increased sales

Word of mouth and online reviews the best car dealer advertising

Car dealerships need to do all they can to ensure they have happy customers, that might sound like common sense, but it’s also the finding of a new UK car buyer study.

Auto Trader’s Annual Car Buying Research revealed 30% of respondents had bought a car based on either online dealership reviews or the recommendations of a dealership from family and friends.

The study found car dealer websites that listed reviews posted by their customers were particularly attractive to potential car buyers.

Auto Trader Insight Director, Nick King, tells us the data shows just how important it is to do the right thing by car buyers.

“Transparency is everywhere and consumers expect it.

“Creating trust is paramount, however, because if a consumer senses you are a retailer they might be able to trust, it gives them the confidence that you’ll do what they expect you to do and increases the chances they will buy from you.”

Some food for thought for car dealerships everywhere.

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