Wonder Wheels Perfection Kit Review

Joel Helmes reviews a popular wheel cleaning and tyre shine kit.

Wonder Wheels Perfection Kit Review
The kit includes alloy wheel cleaner, wheel wax, tyre gel, as well as a micro-fibre cloth and brush.

Car wheels, in the main, used to just be a functional part of a vehicle that was never given too much of a though from a design perspective.

Now-a-days though wheels are a big part of a cars look and feel and as they’ve captured more of the focus, wheels have also become generally more intricately designed.

That means there are also plenty of spots for road grime and the never ending build-up of brake dust to gather.

Let’s put the Wonder Wheels kit to the test.

Wonder Wheels Perfection Kit Review
Step one is the application of the wheel cleaner and then the instructions call for a going-over with the supplied brush.

The wheel cleaner has a very strong smell and if it gets on your skin creates a burning sensation! Perhaps some rubber washing up gloves might be a good idea. The packaging warns that you should avoid breathing the vapours and avoid contact with the skin and eyes.

Progress was fast and obvious, but despite the wheel cleaner’s strength, it did take two goes at it to get the wheel clean.

Wonder Wheels Perfection Kit Review
After getting the alloy clean, you then apply the wheel wax with a wet cloth, before buffing off with the micro-fibre cloth.

The kit also comes with tyre gel, once again you apply with a sponge or soft cloth and you are left with nice shiny and new looking tyres.

Wonder Wheels Perfection Kit Review
The finished product.

Summing it up – it’s handy to get everything you need to get your wheels and tyres in a clean and shiny state. The wheel cleaning spray is very effective in lifting the dust and grime, but it is pretty savage so make sure you take note of the health and safety advice.

I thought the tyre gel not only went on easily but also produced a good result. In all, I think this kit would make a good gift for the car lover in your family.

The Wonder Wheels Wheel and Tyre Transformation Kit is available on the Altrex website for $39.99.

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