Wonder Wheels Hot Wheels Review

Wonder Wheels Hot Wheels Review

Joel Helmes tests out a new spray-on wheel cleaner.

Wonder Wheels Hot Wheels Review
Wonder Wheels Hot Wheels Review.

One common denominator among many cars now-a-days is the propensity to create brake dust!

Sometimes all it takes is a few days of driving around and the front wheels have a good healthy coating of the stuff. So, a solution is needed.

My rule of thumb when it comes to the effectiveness of wheel cleaners is whether the dust and grime is removed without the need to physically scrub the wheel clean with a brush, rag or sponge.

Wonder Wheels Hot Wheels has one noticeable difference over most other wheel cleaning products I’ve tested – it’s really thick! This, almost gel like consistency seems to give it a big advantage in that the solution doesn’t simply run off the wheel and on to the ground.

Here’s how it went…

Wonder Wheels Hot Wheels Review
The alloy wheels had a consistent layer of brake dust.

The instructions call for the wheel cleaner to be applied and left for five minutes…

Wonder Wheels Hot Wheels Review
The solution quickly turns from pink to a deep cranberry colour.

Then its just a matter of hosing it off, preferably with plenty of pressure!

Wonder Wheels Hot Wheels Review
The finished product.

Summing it up: As you can see from the above photo the wheel is nice and clean and shiny again - without any scrubbing. There was a little dust left-over in a couple of tight spots, such as near the tyre valve, ideally an old paint brush would be on hand to just move that dust from these areas.

Overall though I was very impressed, with an absolute minimum amount of fuss the wheels were clean, shiny and almost entirely dust and grime free.

You can pick-up a 750ml spray bottle of Wonder Wheels Hot Wheels at auto accessory retailers, or order now via the Altrex Auto Accessories on-line store for just $26.99.

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