Women take the car servicing reins

New research finds women now more likely to book car services…

It used to be a man’s world, however today it’s predominantly women who are making sure the family car is kept serviced.

Fixed Price Car Service surveyed 2000 Australian men and women and found it’s the ‘fairer sex’ that’s increasingly driving online car service bookings.

The majority of women now handle family car maintenance.

“Women are clear household champions when it comes to researching products and services online,” Fixed Price Car Service CEO Eden Shirley said.

“Women represent 33% of visitors to Fixedpricecarservice.com.au, but account for 50% of bookings meaning they are almost twice as likely to book online over men.

“In an area where women have traditionally felt uncomfortable dealing with mechanics or negotiating costs, this is a great step forward.”

The data also revealed that women remain loyal to a trustworthy mechanic with positive online reviews, and the majority of women have been stung by mechanics.

“Fixed Price Car Service removes the guess work from quoting and delivers a convenient and transparent solution when booking a car service,”

“Online bookings appeal to women who do not feel comfortable negotiating face to face with mechanics.” Mr Shirley said.

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