Women leading online car sales revolution

Women leading online car sales revolution

Study shows women keen to skip car dealer experience…

We are slowly starting to see an increase in online car sales in Australia, however we are certainly trailing behind other nations, especially the UK.

As we’ve been reporting (details here), a number of mainstream car brands are now offering their vehicles direct to their prospective customers via their website.

And it appears this ‘shop at home’ car buying experience works best with female car buyers.

Online car sales service, BuyaCar.co.uk, polled almost 1,000 car buyers and found women are much less likely to enjoy buying a car the traditional way.

The female cars buyers said they dislike ‘pushy’ sales people and hate haggling over price and features.

They also reported more confusion than men over the many different car choices.

The number of female car buyers using one the online car retailer has almost doubled in the last year and given the poll results, BuyaCar.co.uk Managing Director, Austin Collins, says that’s not a surprise.

“The option of quietly researching and calculating the best choices for you, at your own pace, is proving to be the perfect solution for women in particular and it’s certainly a big driver of growth for us.

“It’s not really bad news for dealers, though, because our dealer partners understand that they are better able to reach these buyers with online selling.”

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