Window Tint declared the ‘Must Have’ car accessory

Behind the Wheel Readers say window tint is their must-have accessory…

Window Tint declared the ‘Must Have’ car accessory

It might have something to do with living on the hottest continent on earth, but Behind the Wheel readers have nominated window tint as the car accessory they must have.

The online poll, which was conducted between the 7th of September and today, received 547 votes and asked the question “What is your ‘Must-Have’ car accessory?”.

Of those votes, window tint was nominated as the ‘must-have’ car accessory by 147 of our readers, that figure representing 27% of the vote.

You then told us that your car accessory priorities were:

  • Reverse camera – 104 votes or 19%
  • Bluetooth – 104 votes or 19%
  • Sat-nav – 102 votes or 19%
  • Seat covers – 90 votes or 16%

Behind the Wheel Editor, Joel Helmes, says he wasn’t overly surprised by the result.

“If you look at most cars on the roads today, tinted windows are more common than not,”

“Living and driving in Australia, I would say window tint is absolutely a ‘must-have’ on your car, not just for the comfort benefits, but the health benefits from keeping those UV rays off your skin.”

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