Which Mid-Size Car Should I Buy?

Mary-Anne is looking for a new mid-size sedan.

Hey guys, I’m looking at trading in my 2011 Ford Mondeo for a new mid-size model. The Ford has been a good car but I feel like a change. I am interested in the Toyota Camry but a friend also recommended the Hyundai Sonata. What do you think?

Hi Mary-Anne, thanks for your email. Luckily there are a whole array of good quality mid-size sedans for you to choose from in 2016.

Yes, the Toyota Camry is a very impressive offering, you don’t find as many buyers as it does without being a top product. But if you are looking for something a bit different then there are some other options.

Firstly, we reckon your friend is right and you should take the new Hyundai Sonata for a test drive. The Hyundai was a recent Car of the Year finalist with us and with plenty of standard features, competitive pricing and a good five-year warranty (Camry has only three-years), the Sonata is hard to beat.

Have a drive of the turbocharged version as well, we reckon it’s a real standout.

Other choices that are well worth a closer look include the recently updated Kia Optima, especially the turbo version again (you get a seven-year warranty here), Mazda6, Volkswagen Passat and the Skoda Octavia.

We would love to know which way you go.

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