Webber weighs in to F1 canopy debate

Webber weighs in to F1 canopy debate

Mark Webber has voiced his opinion on the closed cockpit debate following Red Bull’s debut of a canopy style solution during the opening day’s running in Russia.

The former Red Bull driver, who won last year’s World Endurance Championship with Porsche, suggests a completely closed cockpit is in the sport’s long term future.

“Red Bull Racing ran a half canopy on Daniel’s car in practice,” Webber said. “I think it’s very interesting for a couple of reasons.

“The teams are really being pushed by the FIA to try and find a solution to protect the drivers’ helmets.

“Red Bull Racing has done quite a nice job; it’s still not ideal for F1 if you’re a traditionalist, but they need to accept that.”

The Australian however suggests that there is more to come, and that Red Bull’s development is just a taste of the distant future.

“In 2025, will we have open cockpits? Probably unlikely.

“Eventually, they might need to make a change and make the cockpit close,” he added.

“Whoever gets this right first will have a very, very strong contract for all single-seaters around the world.

“So there is also a commercial benefit to make this look sexy, safe and beautiful for single-seaters.

“Don’t underestimate these little arm races going on as well in the background.

“I think Red Bull Racing is in pole position now – it looks the best. Let’s see what the other teams come up with but I think it’s better than the Ferrari option.”

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