Volvo thinking outside the square on electrification

Volvo is looking at a new concept that sees used electric bus batteries utilised to power apartment blocks.

The Swedish manufacturer has established an “energy warehouse” in Gothenburg using recycled lithium-ion bus batteries charged by solar panels.

Why use the old bus batteries? They say the application could solve the problem of what to do with batteries after use in on-road applications.

The research project sees the bus batteries get a second lease of life as solar energy storage units with a view to cutting the properties power consumption peaks, and to store or sell surplus solar energy.

Meantime, Volvo is also investing big dollars in inductive charging.

The truck manufacturer doesn’t see a big future in overhead wires and pantographs to charge electric trucks and buses on the go (this is something we’ve seen trialled in Europe).

Instead, they believe the future will be somewhat like smartphone inductive charging where the vehicle will be wirelessly charged either on the go, or when stopped at traffic lights, bus stops and the like.

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