Volvo promising fuss-free interior in XC40

New Volvo SUV about to debut

volvo xc40 teaser

If you love classic Swedish design then you should like the interior of the inaugural Volvo small SUV – the XC40.

Unfortunately, at this stage, we can’t actually show you a picture of what the XC40 interior will look like, instead, Volvo Cars gave us the above image (which we guess show the benefits of a clutter-free space?) and this info video…

The Volvo XC40 will be officially unveiled in September, so we don’t have long to wait until we get to see what the designers have come up with.

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In the meantime, Volvo is promising their small premium SUV segment will lead the market in terms of space, storage and all-round functionality.

Louiza Atcheba, Model Brand Manager for the 40 Series at Volvo Cars, says Volvo researchers have spent considerable time investigating how people use their car, and how they store their belongings in them.

“As we spoke to people about how and where they store the things they carry with them daily, it was quite clear that most of today’s cars are falling short in this area.

“Phones slide around in the mid-console; takeaway bags are at constant risk of falling over and people fumble behind the wheel as they try to get service cards out of their wallets.

“We set out to solve these and many other issues we encountered.”

Some of the actions Volvo has taken to help XC40 owners include:

  • Relocating door speakers to the dashboard, allowing for extra door storage space
  • Console drink holders have been designed to hold more than just cups
  • Creation of a usable mobile phone place with wireless charging/USB ports
  • Fold-away hook inside the glove compartment to help secure bags
  • Under seat storage areas
  • Dashboard slots for credit and service cards
  • Large console storage box
  • Removable waste bin

While the designers have also focused on maximizing convenience in the boot – including a smart floor system which can divide and secure luggage, and a flat loading floor.

There’s also four load hooks and a private locking storage compartment under the load floor.

Louiza says it’s all about making the XC40 a very easy vehicle to live with.

” With the XC40, we declare the end of clutter, making sure that everything is within arms-reach but also out of sight.

“It’s about clearing the clutter so you can clear your mind.”

We will bring you more updates on the all-new Volvo model in our Volvo XC40 News section.

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