Volkswagen Beetle goes classic for 2015

Volkswagen Beetle goes classic for 2015

VW takes the Beetle back to the future.

Volkswagen Beetle goes classic for 2015
Check out those seats! Looks like 1970 all over again!

Volkswagen buyers in the US will soon have the option of tapping into the past with the Volkswagen Beetle Classic.

The model, coming online early next year, will feature heritage style 17” aluminium wheels and cabin trims similar to that found in the classic Beetle, including two-tone brown “Sioux” leatherette and checked cloth seating surfaces.

While colour choices will be limited to Pure White, Black Uni, and Reflex Silver.

Interestingly, the model, which will come standard with an automatic transmission, will actually be the new starting point in the Beetle range in the US and will be offered for $1,500 less than the existing entry-level offering - the Beetle 1.8T automatic.

There’s no word yet on whether the Volkswagen Beetle Classic will be offered in Australia.

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Joel Helmes