Versatile company aided by versatile Isuzu fleet

Garden Grove Supplies swears by Isuzu F-Series trucks…

Versatile company aided by versatile Isuzu fleet

Most businesses offer customer one, or perhaps two services – but Garden Grove Supplies in Adelaide easily tops that!

The family owned and operated business includes a retail nursery, a bulk haulage operation and even a construction company.

So, what’s the best way to keep all that stocked and running smoothly? With a fleet of Isuzu F-Series trucks.

Brad Carraill is the son of the businesses founders and now heads up the busy enterprise as General Manager.

He says the business first invested in the Isuzu product nearly two decades ago.

“We started with the FVZ 1400s and they’ve been great little trucks.”

“We’re a landscape yard and a retail outlet, delivering barks, mulches and loams to everyday people,”

“But we also wholesale a fair bit of the material, servicing all of Adelaide with the local trucks, while our haulage fleet goes as far as Kununurra, Darwin, Perth, Sydney and Melbourne.”

Versatile company aided by versatile Isuzu fleetOther than customising the tippers to accommodate certain materials, the trucks are factory standard.

“We extend sides and swing tail gates, and fit alloy wheels to lower the tare weights.

“Some of the trucks – the tandems, like the FVZ styles – have aluminium bodies fitted; but the smaller ones are just factory bodies customised slightly to suit mulches and barks.”

And he says Isuzu’s reliability has been continually proven, while the trucks are also extremely comfortable.

“Our operators can be driving for two hours, hop out, unload, then drive back two hours – so sometimes they’re behind the wheel and getting in and out all day.

“With the Isuzu’s we don’t really have fatigue issues and the easy access in and out of the cab means they don’t get the back problems they might otherwise.”

“We’ve tried the opposition’s product over the years, but the Isuzus perform better.” he said.

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