Value of Rego Plate Locks

Value of Rego Plate Locks

Why you need to fit Rego Plate Locks ASAP.

Value of Rego Plate Locks

Value of Rego Plate Locks - thieves target number plates to commit all sorts of crimes.

We’ve been talking about the security advantages of fitting rego plate locks to your cars number plates for a number of years now, some recent incidents involving stolen plates again show why.

Father and son fugitives, Gino and Mark Stocco, allegedly had stolen licence plates fitted to at least one vehicle that they recently used to try and avoid capture in. A car with stolen plates allegedly ramming at least one police car before the pair was apprehended.

While in Melbourne, police said a shot was fired by an officer when a car with stolen number plates allegedly drove at the policeman on the EastLink Freeway.

These are just a couple of recent incidents that highlight why you need to do all you can to protect your cars number plates.

True, a lot of the time license plate theft doesn’t lead to these sorts of violent crimes, often its fuel theft from service stations that stolen plates get used for, still, given how simple it is to make sure your plates are secure, is there any good reason not to?

And another good reason to secure your plates is to avoid all the inconvenience of having to get a new set, that of course means a dreaded trip to the motor registry (and driving your car without plates – check your state and territory regulations first!)!

We have reviewed and recommend the Altrex Auto Accessories Number Plate Locks. They aren’t expensive, fit all makes and models, are simple and easy to fit, will completely throw off a would-be thief and they can even be mailed straight to your door!

Great, affordable insurance – get a set of number plate locking screws for your car today.

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