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Use your smartphone as a car key

Bosch invents new phone app

Perfectly Keyless

There’s a phone app for everything nowadays and now you can use your smartphone to start your car.

Commonly known for their power tools, Bosch is actually the world’s largest supplier of automotive components and the folks at Bosch Australia have come up with an app - Perfectly Keyless -  that turns your smartphone into a car key.

Australians are an inventive bunch and have adapted our love of driving with our modern way of life, with the app can allow the driver to lock and unlock the car as well as start it up.

The vehicle must first be fitted with special sensors which detect your smartphone on your person from a range of 2 metres, unlocking the door for truly keyless entry.

Push button ignition is operation if the phone is detected inside the vehicle and when you leave and walk beyond 2 metres the car again locks itself.

Other benefits of the technology include allowing other people to drive your car by sending a security key via the cloud to their smartphone without the need to pass on the physical key while saving personalised settings for mirror and seat positions.

Fleet services too can use the app to control access to their vehicles, granting access based on time and place.

Harald Kröger, President of the Bosch Automotive Electronics division Perfectly Keyless is bringing a new level of convenience to drivers.

“Once this identification has happened, the vehicle is unlocked without any need for a physical key. Similarly, no key is needed to start the engine or to lock the car again at the end of a journey,”

“This means that drivers will be able to do without traditional car keys - a great example of stress-free connected mobility.”

Watch Perfectly Keyless in action here:

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