Unsafe tyres found to be common on Australian cars

Unsafe tyres found to be common on Australian cars

A study undertaken by Continental Tyres has confirmed what we already suspected, many Australian car owners are getting around with unsafe tyres on their vehicles.

Unsafe tyres found to be common on Australian carsContinental Tyres measured the tread depth on random cars in ten suburban car parks across the country and found only 68% of the vehicles had tyres with sufficient tread depth appropriate for safe driving.

Interestingly, Queensland, where annual registration safety inspections don’t occur, performed best, while NSW, where cars over five years have to be checked every year, was one of the worst performing states with 32% of cars possessing at-risk or unroadworthy tyres.

In all, nearly 17,000 cars were checked nationwide and of those 27% had tyres that needed to be replaced within the next three to six months, even more alarming was that 5% of the cars were no longer roadworthy due to their tyres.

Continental Tyres Managing Director, Steve Brown, telling Behind the Wheel the findings show what seems to be a general lack of awareness and apathy of Australian drivers towards tyres and road safety.

“Our tyre tread research shows that not only does a serious knowledge gap exist about what constitutes safe tyres but also that Australian drivers are potentially not taking action when they do know,”

“Drivers need to act now to replace at-risk tyres and reduce the significant danger to not only their own safety but also the safety of their families and other road users.“


  1. Can’t believe people do not check their tyres more regularly - they are the only thing that keeps the car on the road

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