University Calls For Help With ATV Safety Study

University Calls For Help With ATV Safety Study

Australian workers who use a quad bike (ATV) in the course of their work are being asked to participate in an online survey being run by the University of New South Wales.

The Quad Bike Workplace Safety Survey (QBWSS) aims to obtain a better understanding of quad bike use, related crashes and injuries that occur in the Australian workplace.

University Calls For Help With ATV Safety StudyThe research study is being undertaken by Transport and Road Safety (TARS) Research Centre at the University in response to a recommendation by a 2015 coronial inquiry in NSW into the deaths of 11 ATV riders in the state.

Outcomes from the study will answer some important research questions about quad bike safety, and those answers will be used to develop new quad bike safety programs, policies and products that are expected to save many lives and prevent many serious injuries.

Most ATV fatalities are from rollover type crashes where the operator is trapped under the vehicle, and the study is placing particular emphasis on Operator Protection Devices that are meant to protect the driver in the event of this type of crash.

There is plenty of debate about the effectiveness of the devices and the University is hoping the study will provide real world data to cut some of the confusion.

Injuries from ATV crashes are now the biggest cause of death on Australian farms, and the research team is hoping that farm workers will see the benefits and participate in the study.

The study can be completed online and will take between 15 - 25 minutes. Alternatively, participants can ask to have a hard copy of the survey sent to them.

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