Two New Members of TruckSafe Welcomed

Two livestock transport companies welcomed to Trucksafe.

Two New Members of TruckSafe Welcomed - Mitchells Livestock Transport is the largest transporter of high value cattle in Western Australia.

There are another two transport companies signed-up as members of the national TruckSafe Accreditation Program.

RJ Loveday Transport (QLD) and Mitchell’s Livestock Transport (WA) have become accredited members of the program and TruckSafe Chairman Stephen Marley said both transport companies are welcomed following a long run of proven safe operations.

“I congratulate RJ Loveday Transport and Mitchell’s Livestock Transport on achieving their TruckSafe accreditation,”

“It’s fantastic to have these trucking operators going the extra mile to make sure they run a safe, professional business.”

RJ Loveday Transport specialises in carting certified-organic cattle and owner, Richard Loveday, told Behind the Wheel Truck News he couldn’t run a safe and profitable business without good staff.

“I’ve got a really excellent crew, and they make it worth going in to work every day. We’re always improving, and TruckSafe is just another part of that.”

While the CEO of the third-generation Western Australian family business, Mitchell’s Livestock Transport, John Mitchell, said he was proud to see the business involved.

“There are really two things TruckSafe does – the first is that it generally raises the bar right across our business. The other is that we really try to eliminate as many risks as we can, and TruckSafe helps us do that,”

“We’re really proud of our fantastic staff and the way they look after the livestock. It’s about striving to make ourselves the best we can be to look after our customers and their cattle.”

Simon Lai

(Images courtesy: Mitchell’s Livestock Transport)

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