Truckies warned to take heed of hands-free phone use findings

Truckies warned to take heed of hands-free phone use findings

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has responded to the findings of a study that shows hands-free mobile phone use can be just as distracting as using a mobile hand-held.

Following the release of the study findings (full details here) some campaigners are calling for a complete ban on mobile phone use in vehicles, citing the new research as proof that even hands-free calling is not safe.

However FTA Deputy Chief Executive, James Hookham, says while safety must be a priority but also common sense.

“A lot of our members have policies that prohibit mobile phone use in truck cabs or have zero tolerance to abuse – drivers will be dismissed if they break the law.

“But the nature of the transport industry means some operators need to stay in regular contact with their drivers, especially if they are making lots of deliveries during the day.

“Phones and telematics equipment are valuable tools, but safety is paramount.

“Essential phone conversations should be kept short and chatting should be discouraged.”

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