Truckies spending hours waiting for loads

Truckies spending hours waiting for loads

A survey has found many US truck drivers are spending up to three hours each day simply waiting to be loaded or unloaded at the countries shipping docks.

The DAT Solutions survey found close to 63% of drivers spend more than three hours each day sitting idle.

54% of drivers said they regularly spend up to four hours per day waiting for loading or unloading, while 9% said it was common for them to experience wait times of five or more hours.

247 carriers were surveyed by DAT and 84% of respondents ranked detention in the top five business problems that they face.

“Driver detention is an urgent issue that must be addressed by our industry,” said Don Thornton, senior VP at DAT Solutions.

“It’s a matter of fairness. Many shippers and receivers are lax about their dock operations, but it’s the carriers and drivers who are forced to pay for that inefficiency.”

While DAT found carriers are rarely paid for detention and, even when it is offered, it doesn’t cover the full business cost that comes from the delay.

Any compensation also not covering the costs to their businesses of lost opportunities.

Are you an Australian truck driver that is regularly held up on Australian ports? We’d love to hear how long you have to wait each day. Is the Australian system any better than the US?

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