Truck parking search costing thousands each year

Owners and operators found to be wasting time and money looking for parking…

Truck parking search costing thousands each year

It can be hard enough trying to find a parking space for a car, imagine how hard it can be trying to get a space large enough to accommodate a truck.

That issue has just been found to be costing truck drivers/owners as much as $4,600 (USD) each year.

The study by the American Transportation Research Institute found that the search for truck parking not only comes with the financial toll, but also is anxiety inducing for drivers as well.

Truck drivers typically dedicated an average of 56 minutes of available drive time to parking.

The data was ascertained using Truck Parking Diaries that drivers were asked to fill out.

It was found that weekends and midday were often the easiest times to find available parking, while the most difficult times were during the week after 7 pm.

The ATRI concluded that more flexible shipper/receiver appointment times would allow drivers to operate during less busy times so they could take advantage of off-peak parking times.

“The lack of available truck parking creates a lot of stress for me and my fellow drivers,” said professional driver, Stephanie Klang.

“And, as ATRI’s diary research shows, it’s a number of things - from lack of capacity, concerns over running out of hours, time limitations on parking in public rest areas and customers not letting us park in their facilities – that all combine to make this a perennial issue for us.”

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