Truck News Wrap: Mack hybrid, Simon says Scania and Isuzu impresses

Truck News Wrap: Mack hybrid, Simon says Scania and Isuzu impresses

Mack Trucks is doing its best to help keep the air clean in California with a new zero-emission capable truck now on duty.

Being trialled on the ports in California, the prime mover is powered by a MP7 diesel engine with a parallel hybrid system and lithium-ion battery pack.

The Mack day-cab prime mover has been stripped down to reduce weight and fitted with geo-fencing technology that designates areas where the truck operates in pure electric mode.

Outside of that the diesel engine kicks in and also recharges the hybrid-drive battery packs.

Simon National Carriers has chosen Scania V8 prime movers to take over B-double and triple road train duties.

The six new R 560 prime movers have just joined the Simon fleet after the company was impressed by the Scania R 500 V8 that they’ve operated for the past four years.

Simon National Carriers Line-Haul Manager, Shaun Moloney, said the Scania has proven to be a superior product after over 800,000km of service.

While he says so far the new Scania R 560 has proven extremely fuel efficient using 1.48 km per litre hauling a 90-tonner triple road train combination.

He’s best known for his impressive motorcycle riding skills, however Daryl Beattie spends more time at the wheel of an Iveco Eurocargo these days.

The former motorcycle racing champ has chosen an Iveco Eurocargo 4×4 for his off-road motorcycle adventure business.

Daryl says he chose the Iveco 4×4 as the support vehicle for his enterprise after seeing the Iveco product do so well in the Paris-Dakar rally over the years.

He says the Iveco Tector 5.9 litre turbo-diesel engine is efficient and reliable and Daryl has tricked up the Eurocargo to go just about anywhere, hauling both passengers and motorcycles.

The Isuzu F-Series is proving a handy addition to the Veolia resource recovery operations in Tasmania.

On duty for nearly three years, Veolia Maintenance Co-ordinator James O’Brien says the company’s Isuzu FYH 2000 8×4 was performing well, with drivers reporting how capable the eight-wheeler in gradients and uneven surfaces.

He says the FY is primarily used for carting 15 – 40 cubic metre bins and the tight turning circle and manoeuvrability of the Isuzu product makes it ideal for the job.

Italian logistics service provider Fercam is saving time and money thanks to a new automatic tyre inspection system from VENTECH Systems.

With a fleet of 2,850 vehicles, checking the tyres on that number of vehicles can be a large and costly exercise, however the tyre inspection system, which uses floor-mounted sensor plates that scan the tyres and measures tyre pressures and tread depth, has been a handy addition according to the company.

The system also checks axle loads, a major plus for operators crossing borders where different regulations could be in place.

VENTECH Systems has a presence in Australia through local partner TyreTrend.

The Australian Logistics Council (ALC) has joined a group of seven other organisations and associations calling on both sides of politics to commit more funding to improving transport infrastructure.

The joint statement spells out the concerns of the seven groups, including under-investment in public infrastructure, particularly transport infrastructure.

The groups want both sides of politics to commit to the ongoing investment of no less than five per cent of GDP into productive infrastructure projects that support continued economic growth and boost national productivity.

25-year-old Dwain Saunders is one of the new breed of Australian truckies.

Dwain drives a new Iveco 7200 Powerstar Tipper and Dog six days a week in Sydney and says he’s right at home in the Iveco unit.

He says the Iveco is easy-to-drive, comfortable and quiet and because of the excellent visibility it is an easy truck to learn how to drive in.

New York City is getting serious about bus safety.

The city’s mass transit authority, the MTA, has announced it will soon begin testing several new technologies that could reduce all sorts of crashes involving the cities buses.

One of the systems, Mobileye, uses cameras strategically mounted on the outside of the vehicle to see what the driver might not see, including hazards such as cyclists and pedestrians.

If the system spots something that the driver might have missed an alert is sounded.

And Western Star Trucks has a brand new Australian website.

Available at the new site is compatible with smart phones and tablets and includes a large number of images to help prospective Western Star buyers choose the right truck before heading into a dealership.

There are also about 500 products that visitors can add as they configure their new Western Star Truck from the comfort of their home/office/cab.

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