Truck industry says car drivers need more training

Truck industry says car drivers need more training

New calls for better car driver education

There are calls for a rethink on how car drivers are taught to interact with heavy vehicles on the nation’s roads.

Road Freight NSW (RFNSW) is calling on the Federal Government and relevant departments to convene a special industry-led national working group on the issue.

In particular, the body wants a focus on the dangers of driver distraction.

RFNSW General Manager Simon O’Hara says people are being killed every year because of a lack of driver education and training.

“RFNSW, along with the ATA, has issued a list of Top 10 Tips advising the motoring public on how to drive safely with heavy vehicles on the roads.

“One of those tips is distracted driving, with studies showing that 80% of collisions are caused by motorists whose attention is taken away from the road by their passengers, phones, GPS, radio, eating drinking and smoking.

“Alarmingly, distractions are now deemed to be the single biggest cause of crashes and near misses,”

“If drivers get that message and pay attention, that’s one simple way of trying to achieve safer roads for all users alike.”

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