Truck Industry calls for safety focus in 2017-18 budget

ATA makes its submission to the government ahead of federal budget…

Truck Industry calls for safety focus in 2017-18 budget

The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) has recommended that the federal government look at funding initiatives that promote safe road sharing campaigns in the budget.

The ATA has made its pre-budget submission for 2017-18 and chair, Noelene Watson, says the government is being urged to try and educate motorists about giving trucks more space.

“In its 2015 major accident investigation report, truck insurer - NTI, concluded that the truck was not at fault in 84% of fatal multi-vehicle accidents involving trucks that it considered,”

“There is a critical need for a safety communication campaign to educate motorists to share the road safely,”

“We need to get car drivers to think more about staying out of truck blind sports, not cutting in front of trucks and not overtaking trucks when they are turning.

“After it abolished the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal, the Government allocated $3.9 million per year to the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator for truck safety measures that would actually make a difference to safety.

“We say that some of the funding in 2017-18 should be allocated to this share the road safely campaign.

“The Government should also allocate an appropriate share of the funding to WA and the NT. The NHVR is not responsible for heavy vehicle regulation in those states.”

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