Triplewax Tyre Shine Review

Triplewax Tyre Shine Review

Joel Helmes tries out Triplewax Tyre Shine.

Triplewax Tyre Shine Review
Triplewax Tyre Shine Review.

When your car is shiny and clean and your wheels are all shiny you want to finish the full car wash experience by getting your tyres shiny too.

Getting into the habit of using a tyre shine product also helps keep your tyres from drying out, especially if your car sees a lot of direct sunlight.

As we know there are a number of different tyre shine products on the market, I tried Triplewax Tyre Shine on a set of tyres that hadn’t had a shine or protectant applied for several months.

Triplewax Tyre Shine Review
It’s simply a matter of spraying on Triplewax Tyre Shine and allowing it dry.

One thing I did notice is that you are better off doing a couple of light coats rather than a thick application. If you spray too much of the foam at one time it is naturally prone to run and the result then isn’t as impressive.

Triplewax Tyre Shine Review
The before and after.

Once again, you are better off being patient and doing a couple of light coats. Overall though the Triplewax product did exactly what it promises - it brought a shiny ‘new’ tyre look without any fuss, and there was no greasy residue left on the tyre once the tyre shine foam had soaked in/dried.

Other products in the Triplewax aerosol range include; Bumper Shine, Dash Cleaner and Fabric Cleaner.

Triplewax Tyre Shine and the rest of the Triplewax range is available from auto accessory retailers and directly from the Altrex Auto Accessories online store.

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