Tri Nature Carma Car Care Review

Tri Nature Carma Car Care Review

Joel Helmes reviews three car care products from Tri Nature.

Tri Nature Carma Car Care Review
Tri Nature Carma Car Care Review.

The Australian owned company Tri Nature has sent us these products from their car care range.

A little different to most other car products in that you can’t buy them from your regular auto accessories retailers – Tri Nature sells its products (which also include personal, and animal and pet care products) via their website and by local distributors.

Their point of difference is also that the car care products are made in Australia and contain 100% plant based cleaning agents.

So, how did they perform? Well, generally pretty good.

Tri Nature Carma Car Wash Concentrate

Tri Nature Carma Car Care Review
The car we tested the products on was particularly dirty! The CarSmart Blade Dryer was again put to good use.

Car wash is pretty much car wash, you pop into the bucket, get some soap suds and away you go.

The Tri Nature product however has a pleasant, sweet smell and one 500ml bottle promises up to 50 car washes. I popped a cap full into a bucket and had more than enough suds to get the vehicle clean.

The end result was a residue-free clean car.

Tri Nature Carma Interior Cleaner

Tri Nature Carma Car Care Review
The end result was a clean and shiny dashboard.

This is an interesting one. Normally interior cleaner comes in a ready-to-spray formula; this one however is a concentrate. So, you need a second spray bottle and you dilute the interior cleaner in a 1 parts to 4 parts water mixture.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a second spray bottle and thus mixed the concentrate/water together in a bucket and then soaked a clean rag in the solution. Removing the excess I wiped the rag over the interior surfaces and the end result was a clean and shiny finish.

Tri Nature Carma Wheel Wash

Tri Nature Carma Car Care Review
You simply spray-on and hose-off the tri Nature Carma Wheel Wash.

You can tell straight-off that the wheel wash is citrus based, the smell is reminiscent of typical orange-based cleaners. You dilute this product 1 part wheel wash and 2 parts water and then simply spray onto the wheel.

It worked well, while the wheels I tested the product on weren’t overly brake dust affected, they did have a fair bit of dirt and dust on them. With no scrubbing the wheels ended up nice and clean.

I think I may have made the concentrate just a little strong though and noticed some soap residue even after a good hosing. Perhaps 1 parts wheel cleaner and 3 parts water might be the way to go – experiment and see how you go.

Summing them up: With a promise of being environmentally friendly and easy to use I was generally quite impressed with the Tri Nature products.

The products also smell quite nice and the coverage each 500ml bottle promises looks generous.

Tri Nature Carma Wheel Wash, Carma Interior Cleaner and Carma Wheel Wash cost $14.95 each, you can order them on the Tri Nature website.

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