Toyota ramps up EV commitment

New Toyota commitment to electrified models

2017 Toyota Camry Ascent Sport hybrid

Toyota has been at the absolute forefront of electric vehicle development, particularly around hybrid and hydrogen fuel-cell technologies.

Now comes a big commitment from Australia’s best-selling car brand – a promise that more than half of all the vehicles it sells globally will have some form of electrification by the middle of the next decade.

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Already, Toyota and Lexus in Australia have a range of hybrids available to local customers, though only the Camry Hybrid really sells in significant numbers (and that’s mostly to taxi fleets).

In November, Toyota sold just 20 Toyota Prius cars, along with 66 Prius c and 26 Prius V. While it was just a total of 26 Lexus CT 200h sales in the month, according to VFACTS.

That being the case, a jump to 50% or more of local sales would certainly be a big accomplishment by 2025.

In a statement released by Toyota Australia this afternoon, the company says its plan involves a significant acceleration in the development and launch of electrified vehicles including hybrids, battery electric models and fuel-cell electric vehicles.

And to get there Toyota will no longer develop new models without an electrified version being in the mix.

While Toyota said it will make available more than 10 battery electric models worldwide by the early 2020s, and it will be around this same time when the company’s fuel-cell electric vehicle line-up will start to come online.

And there was some good news for those who like Toyota/Lexus hybrids, but have felt let down by their power outputs.

Toyota say they aim to introduce more powerful versions of some of their hybrid models.

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We will keep you updated as further details come to hand, stay up to date direct in our Toyota News section.

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