Toyota passes 10 million hybrid car milestone

Toyota passes 10 million hybrid car milestone

Toyota and Lexus hybrid sales pass ten million units…

The dividends are starting to really pay off for Toyota after a massive investment, both financially and emotionally, in hybrid technology.

Toyota hybrids have been available in some markets, including Japan, for over 20 years and now comes a key milestone for the technology – 10 million sales.

Offered across 34 different models across the globe over that time, Toyota and Lexus currently have a selection of hybrid models available to Australian customers, including the iconic Prius, as well as SUVs and sedans - including Camry.

Remarkably, it took fifteen years to reach 5 million Toyota/Lexus hybrid sales, but only 4 years to double that.

Today, 15% of all vehicles sold by Toyota/Lexus are hybrids.

Toyota passes 10 million hybrid car milestoneToyota Motor Company chairman Takeshi Uchiyamada says it’s been an amazing ride to the ten million car milestone.

“When we launched Prius, no one even knew what a hybrid was.”

“Today, thanks to those early adopters who gave Prius a chance, hybrids have grown in popularity and have ridden a wave of success out of the unknown and into the mainstream.”

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