Toyota celebrates Corolla 50th anniversary

Top-selling global car model celebrates fifty years this month…

October 2016 marks half a century since the Toyota Corolla was first introduced in Japan.

50 years on, the Toyota Corolla is the world’s top-selling model and a consistent number one in the Australian car market as well.

In total, Toyota has delivered more than 44 million Toyota Corolla sedans, hatches, coupes and wagons to buyers across the globe and that equates to an astonishing 100 cars every hour!

Arriving in Australia in 1967, Toyota has now sold more than 1.35 million Corollas here and Sales and Marketing chief at Toyota, Tony Cramb, says that is quite an achievement.

“Australians have always loved Corolla because it has continually captured their imagination by being affordable, fuel-efficient, dependable and fun to drive through each of its 11 generations.”

Toyota celebrates Corolla 50th anniversary
The Toyota Corolla early editions.

The current 11th generation Toyota Corolla secured a 36% increase in sales last month to again be Australia’s favourite car. In total, 3,554 Corollas were sold in the month.

The Toyota Corolla range is priced from $20,190.

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