Towing with a Honda CR-V – Diesel or Petrol?

Towing with a Honda CR-V – Diesel or Petrol?

Phil is looking for advice in regards to towing with a Honda CR-V.

Towing with a Honda CR-V – Diesel or Petrol?
Towing with a Honda CR-V – Diesel or Petrol? Phil is buying a Honda CR-V and is considering both petrol and diesel versions.

Hey guys, I’m considering a Honda CR-V purchase. I have owned a number of Honda’s over the years and always found them good vehicles so I’m probably not keen to look elsewhere.

The issue is that I own a small caravan and an 8×4 box trailer too. The question is – do I pay the extra for the diesel? Or am I going to be OK with a petrol CR-V?

Hey Phil, we have no qualms supporting your purchase of a Honda CR-V. When you say a petrol-powered version we assume you mean the 2.4 litre engine, not the smaller 2.0 litre unit?

If you do opt for the larger petrol engine you will have a 600kg un-braked/1500kg braked towing capacity, a five-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. This engine produces 140kW and 222Nm.

The diesel, it’s also only available in all-wheel drive and with a nine-speed auto transmission. Offering the same towing capacities, the significantly smaller 1.6 litre diesel unit gives 118kW and 350Nm.

You mention that you have a small caravan, both the petrol and diesel versions are probably not going to have too much trouble moving it along. The added 22kW from the petrol engine is an advantage in regards to getting the load moving, overall though you can’t beat having 350Nm on tap.

If your budget stretches to the diesel, then we reckon it’s clearly the one you want to opt for.

Make sure however that your caravan is within the towing capacities of the CR-V before signing on the dotted line for a new Honda.

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