Totally Auto Launched!

Totally Auto Launched!

New automotive media alliance born

There’s a new entity ready to make a significant mark on the automotive media landscape in Australia – Totally Auto.

TEAM stands for ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’ and that is the spirit with which Totally Auto became a reality.

There has been a need for a stronger voice for the many hardworking independent automotive media outlets for some time now.

Our founder, Joel Helmes, recognized this and got to work.

Joined by co-owner Rob Fraser, Totally Auto provides members with cross-banner advertising sales opportunities, as well as marketing and website/SEO assistance.

Believing that diversity is our greatest strength, all the publications will continue to operate autonomously.

However, members are encouraged to explore strategies and opportunities to create engaging and unique cross-website content and promotions.

The Totally Auto Network launches with ten automotive outlets, including Behind the Wheel, along with:

We envisage that there will be a significant number of additional outlets looking to come under the Totally Auto banner over time.

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