Top Gear spied filming in Australia: Clarkson, May, Hammond spotted in NT

Top Gear team filming in Australia

The UK cast of BBC’s Top Gear has been sprung filming in Australia’s top end.

Top Gear team filming in Australia

Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond were seen driving a bright yellow Bentley Continental GT, a dark grey BMW M6 and a blue Nissan GT-R both on-road near Darwin and at an airstrip in Batchelor in the Northern Territory. Interestingly, aside from all being twin-turbocharged and very fast, the three sports cars don’t really have much in common.

The British trio from the hit motoring television program are best known for their epic road trips that often see them winding up in some sort of trouble. With the recent derestriction of speed limits along parts of the Stuart Highway, the only trouble they’re likely to get into this time around is from stray wildlife.

Yesterday, Facebook user Wesley Gottliebsen videod a drag race between the Bentley and the BMW. Gottliebsen told Behind the Wheel’s Paul Maric that the Nissan was having some trouble participating in the drag race — potentially due to the weather. He also said the crew were staying at a hotel near Katherine and that he had heard their plan was to head to the derestricted sections of the Stuart Highway to film a stunt overtaking multiple road trains.

Emily Worrall, a 25-year-old backpacker and Adelaide River service station attendent, also spotted the Top Gear presenters when they stopped for fuel, snapping some great pictures of the television hosts before they set off for the Pine Creek open pit mine.

When asked about the experience, Worrall told Behind the Wheel, “One of the guys who was in charge or whatever asked if we could just stand back but take as many pictures as we like but just respect them and stand back.”

“[James] May was the only one who got out of his car and that was to speak to [Jeremy] Clarkson who stayed sat in his car, as did [Richard] Hammond and they were literally there for five minutes whilst the camera crew filled up their cars in the [service station] that I work in.”

Originally from Manchester in England, Worrall revealed she is a huge fan of Top Gear, saying, “It was a strange feeling thinking that I’ve travelled from England to Australia to just happen to bump into them in a little town like Adelaide River.”

“Never in a million years would I have thought it would have happened. Made my trip for sure!”

If you’ve spotted the Top Gear crew out and about, send your pictures in to us!

Images by Emily Worrall.
Video by Wesley Gottliebsen.